AWS Ocean Energy: Your Marine renewable energy systems partner

AWS Ocean Energy has been developing marine energy systems for over 10 years. We work with customers and development partners to produce solutions to offshore power needs from isolated power supplies for remote communities and aquaculture through to the multi-MW AWS-III utility-scale wave power generator.


Aquaculture Solutions

Modern offshore fish-farming has significant power demands and AWS is working to develop environmentally friendly alternatives to the use of diesel power.  More…

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   Utility    Power

Offshore wave power can meet up to 5% of global electricity demand.  AWS has developed the AWS-III utility-scale wave power system which has significant advantages for utility power production.  More…

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Remote Communities

Sustainable power supply is a key issue for remote communities.  AWS have developed the Archimedes Waveswing submerged powerbuoy which provides an effective solution for remote installations.  More…

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Breakwater Systems

Breakwaters provide an ideal host structure for wave power generation.  AWS have adapted the AWS-III utility scale system to allow integration with breakwater developments.  More…

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Active moorings

Peak mooring loads drive structural and anchoring costs for offshore installations.  AWS is developing systems which significantly reduce loads whilst providing controlled motion response and energy recovery options. More…

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   Consultancy    Services

With over 10 years of experience in the marine renewables sector, AWS is well placed to provide engineering and technology development services. More…

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