Additional sectors served

aquaculture solutions

Modern offshore fish-farming has significant power demands and AWS is working to develop environmentally friendly alternatives to the use of diesel power. Feed systems, underwater cameras, sensors and lights all have power requirements currently met by diesel generators. With aquaculture sites being developed in more exposed and energetic locations, the cost and logistics of shipping diesel to the sites becomes more significant.

utility power

Offshore wave power can meet up to 5% of global electricity demand. AWS has developed the AWS-III utility-scale wave power system to meet the needs of domestic energy supply. The AWS-III is a well understood technology which has significant advantages for utility power production.

At 4MW per machine, the device is designed with availability, maintainability and reliability as key requirements. The very large and stable hull permits on board maintenance, thus avoiding recovery to port in event of equipment failure.

remote maritime communities

Sustainable power supply is a key issue for remote communities which typically rely on expensive and harmful diesel generator sets. The Archimedes Waveswing submerged power buoy is designed specifically as a substitute for diesel generation in remote maritime locations. The 50kW Waveswing is designed as a small unit and can be deployed in arrays (multiple units) to meet the level of power generation required. The units are designed to allow deployment, operation and maintenance using local resources.

break water systems

Breakwaters provide an ideal host structure for wave power generation. AWS have adapted the AWS-III utility scale system to allow integration with breakwater developments. This is a great solution for new breakwater projects wishing to integrate an element of renewable energy generation. In some situations, it may also be possible to retro-fit the technology to existing breakwaters.

Peak mooring loads drive structural and anchoring costs for offshore installations. AWS is part of a consortium developing systems which significantly reduces peak loads whilst providing controlled motion response and energy recovery options.