practical, affordable wave power

practical, affordable wave power

practical, affordable wave power

AWS Ocean Energy provides enabling technologies and related professional services to the emerging marine energy sector.  Our current focus is on the development of wave power generation technology for Wave Energy Scotland. Typical applications for our generation systems range from powering remote oilfield infrastructure, to powering aquaculture, to providing renewable energy to remote maritime communities.

Our  Archimedes Waveswing wave-power buoy is the result of 20 years of research and development and is recognised as one of the most promising concepts for the commercial generation of renewable energy from ocean waves.

Our team of engineers and scientists is focussed on the realities of delivering systems that survive the harsh conditions in an offshore environment, whilst being safe and practicable to operate, reliable and affordable.

In addition to our technology development work, we provide professional consultancy and design services in marine energy.

AWS Ocean Energy is committed to the principles of the Scottish Government’s Fair Work First policy.




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